This Canadian concept is based on a very ancient technology tried and built with modern day construction materials. Adaptable to all forms of architectural designs both in rural areas as well as in the suburbs of large cities, it preserves the cultural building aspects and habitual characteristics in demand by our different societies.

  • Houses that are earthquake and hurricane resistant
  • Very comfortable homes for hot climates
  • Construction technology which does not require energy consuming products.


  • «Steel framework» is replaced by pressure-treated wood
  • «Concrete» is replaced stabilized clay mortar


Construction time is very rapid. The framework and the roof of one house can be built within a few days by a team of 1 technician and 8 people (often the future occupants); few more days to prepare the clay mortar, to fill in the walls and let it dry before completing the finishing of the house.

This technology is not subject to the worldwide inflation on materials, such as cement, steel, etc. We evaluate that for a 36m2 house, this Canadian technology will save globally up to 86 tons of CO2 rejects into the atmosphere.

40 à 50 % moins cher.

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